British communities in Canada

In the 2011 National Household Survey the total for single and multiple ethnic responses citing British Isles origin was 11,343,710 for all of Canada, 4,989,725 for Ontario and 1,334,050 for the GTA. English origin was given 6,509,500 times across Canada, 2,925,660 times in Ontario and 777,115 times in the GTA. Scottish origin 4,714,970 times in all of Canada, 2,080,545 times in Ontario, and 545,605 times in the GTA. Irish origin 4,544,870 times, Welsh 458,705 times across Canada, 192,645 times in Ontario and 56,040 times in the GTA. Other British origin 585,845 times for all of Canada, 293,170 times in Ontario and104,065 times in the GTA.

British Presence in the GTA (English, Scottish, Welsh): King, Caledon, East Gwillimbury, New Market, Aurora, Halton Hills, Milton, Oakville, Mississauga, Uxbridge, Gergina, Pickering, Ajax, City of Toronto.

Other sources: The Canadian Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples:

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