Greater Toronto Area is one of the most multicultural urban agglomerations in the world. The City of Toronto has the highest percentage of foreign born population of all cities in the world with over 50% of its more than 5 million inhabitants having been born in a foreign country. Nearly half of the population’s mother tongue is a language other than English or French and over 30% speak it at home. There are over 200 languages spoken in Toronto and over 80 ethnic publications.

Although the majority of new immigrants to the GTA are from Asian countries, 35% of GTA’s inhabitants declared a European origin in the 2006 census.

EuroCanPages has as its goal to show the European side of the GTA’s ethnic mosaic – its rich European heritage, its many European communities, businesses with European roots and companies offering European products or Europe related services. It also aims to be the source of information about Europe related events, European countries, European Union and Canada’s relations with both.

The ties between Canadians of European origin have always been strong culturally, but are also getting stronger economically because of the European Union and its new trade agreement with Canada (CETA). Now there is more that unites than divides us, but we need to get to know each other better to benefit from our contacts and experiences. Multiculturalism only makes sense when there is a cultural and economic exchange between ethnic communities and general population and not merely co-existence.

We hope that this website will contribute to that exchange and there is no better opportunity in the world for that than in the Greater Toronto Area.

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